Understand the Middle East's wars

Here are a series of posts I have found an unfortunate necessity to publish about the Middle East and its political issues. To be honest, these are things I feel every true believer that is mature in the Word of God and the Spirit of Christ should understand as easy as the alphabet. Nonetheless, it serves a good template for constructive dialogue, communication and material for those who wish to formulate Christ-honoring opinions.

Could this be an accurate depiction of the Bride of Christ? Armed and able to hold out justice, but blind.
What real Christians should think about Trump, Israel and Islam in a nutshell

How God's children hold the keys of peace in the Middle East and beyond

The truth behind the Israeli-Palestinian war and what the sons of God are called to do

When death eaters are exalted and peacemakers hunted

Four reasons why today's Israel is falsely identified with prophecy and what it really means for you

Why the Messianization of Christianity will waste your life

How born again Christians can wish Merry Christmas to Israel

Three ways to change the world without being a fighter, politician or activist!

The days of the Royal Priesthood are at hand... your days!

A work of fiction based on true events that will forever change the way you see not only the Middle East's wars but also the world!

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